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“Dulwich College Beijing is a dynamic, modern school which draws on the 400 year history of Dulwich College London. We are a British International School with over 45 nationalities. We focus on academic excellence, commitment to our wider community, sporting success and the highest of standards in music, art and drama.”

“In August 2005, Dulwich College first opened its doors to students in Beijing. Since then the College has grown and now has over 1300 students on roll ranging in age from 12 months to 18 years.”

“We are a British International school offering a curriculum based upon the English National Curriculum up to Year 9, IGCSE courses for students in Years 10 and 11, and the International Baccalaureate Diploma for our senior students in Years 12 and 13. Our curriculum is suitably adapted to reflect the needs of students in an international school and extends well beyond the formal classroom with a strong emphasis on the development of the individual. All students study compulsory Mandarin Chinese up to the end of Year 9, with many continuing with this as an examination subject in the senior years.”

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The Dulwich College in Beijing has upon 400 years of education experience because it belongs to the Dulwich College Family following the curriculum of Dulwich London, one of the most important and oldest independent schools in England. Founded in 1619, most students at Dulwich London are later accepted at Universities such as Oxford, Cambridge and popular ones in North America. We can also find Dulwich Schools around Asia in Shanghai, Suzhou, Seoul, Zhuhai and coming in August 2014 in Singapore.

Early Years School

The School for Early Years is divided in two campuses: the Riviera Campus and the Legend Early Campus.

They welcome children from ages between 1-7 years with an education curriculum based on an extensive pedagogical research, useful theory and active learning with a play-based approach. It is important for small children to learn how to be independent, creative in the field they want and develop their intelligence in several ways while they are developing their skills.

Junior and Senior School

Dulwich students

All children start their education and experience at Dulwich having been assigned to a member house in order to find support from other students, help to provide more opportunities to develop their skills and wishes and to find a safe competitive way of proceeding between all students at School. Dulwich College is very competitive Centre which is a good opportunity for all students who have a special interest and talent in some sport sand dance disciplines without forgetting poetry, music, and ICT challenges. This part is essential for Dulwich education philosophy because they want to nurture students in three core areas: academic excellence, sport and general arts.

Dulwich College gives every child the opportunity to gain and expand in the disciplines they really want to. Weather a student is brilliant in rugby, swimming, drama, playing violin or composing electronic music, Dulwich offers him the chance to make the most out of it. The School is also famous for its contribution to communities, charity and environment projects. Students during Junior and Senior years have compromise with their community, country and nature by helping in several projects such as the adoption of a panda in Chengdu and the organization of events in order to be able to sponsor. Over the last 400 years, the Dulwich College Family had an exceptional commitment and the entire School in Beijing wants to continue this high standard of collaboration values. The School offers additional learning support for students who will need extra time in order to improve in several subjects such as English as an additional language or concentration difficulties that require remediation or strategy-building. Dulwich also offers a counseling support to care about each student and their emotional feeling at School.


After School activities take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30 – 4:30pm. Students can coose to take part in sport teams, play an instrument or enjoy the amazing music and drama program at Dulwich. It is recommended to do at least one activity in order to make strong relationships with other students and develop each student’s talent.

Music and Drama

Music class

At Dulwich College Beijing the entire music program is centered on creativity and performance. Students have the opportunity to perform and develop their talent during school time by choosing drama as subject and also as after school activity. Drama is an essential part to have motivation and personal confidence so at Dulwich these lessons help students to experience creativity. The curriculum is based on the English National Curriculum so students have the chance to study drama as a degree after Senior School. They offer the IGCSE program and the option to pursue music at the IB Diploma level.

The music program at Dulwich is excellent and offers a spoil for choice in activities: playing different types of instruments, joining the choir, composing your own music, singing in the different drama performances and more. The School has 9 sound rooms to practice with piano board and cork board, 3 large classrooms with new technology iMac PC to compose and a 250 seats theater. The Dulwich College is in China one of the most complete offering musical education, having over 1000 music instruments and offering enormous facilities of talent development.performance


artsAll students at Dulwich from year 1 to 13 attend art lessons having the chance to learn different artistic processes and be able to exhibit them. Art exhibitions take place several times during the academic year to show off some paintings and sculpture. Some of the students who want to study plastic arts as an alternative to University can decide to continue their works and practice in order to sit the formal examinations in that subject.


The PE Sport program at Dulwich combines a high amount of sport varieties with excellent facilities and the chance to join a sport team at School. Sport is not only a free time activity; it also offers a healthy lifestyle and positive relationships with friends and teachers.

The Physical Education Program of study identifies six areas of activity:

Athletics, games, gymnastics, dance, swimming and adventure.

International Tournaments

Student-athletes are also provided an opportunity to compete internationally through the Federation of British International Schools in South East Asia (FOBISSEA). These competition festivals include several sports over different age groups:

• U15 FOBISSEA: Athletics, Basketball, Football, Swimmingsport day

• U13 FOBISSEA: Athletics, Basketball, Football, Swimming

• U11 FOBISSEA: Athletics, Football, Swimming, T-Ball

FOBISSEA competitions are hosted by different schools each year.

Extra services

Lunch time

The legend Garden Campus for Senior School offers a two-week cycle of lunch menu. One menu has western taste and the other one offers Asian food. Students also have a noodle station with fried noodles, soups, pasta and a snack bar with sandwiches, salads and more snacks.

The payment method used at Dulwich is a personal ID Smart Card for each student or staff member. This card is used to pay breakfast, lunch and snacks with money you put in before. Each card has to have an initial deposit of 500 RMB to be valid. This is a quick and useful payment way in order to make children go to school with cash.

Student Welfare

Students enjoy strong support at Dulwich, including medical counselling and child safeguarding policies. Successful students are those whose needs have been met, and our on-site experts in these fields are on hand throughout the day to provide their support.

Shuttle bus

Dulwich offers 37 routes of shuttle bus service to help parent to bring their children to school every day if they do not have time to bring them by themselves. The bus company is “Shou Qi” and provides all buses with safety equipment’s such as seat belts, monitors and a communication system. Check HERE routes and prices.

Dulwich is very convenient if you live in the following compounds or villas:

Dynasty Garden, Palm Beach, Chateau Regalia, Rits Garden and Merlin Champagne.


Legend Garden Campus

7 – 18 year olds

89 Capital Airport Road

Shunyi District

Beijing 101300 PRC




Main Reception Tel: +86 10 6454-9000

Admissions Tel: +86 10 6454-9016

+86 10 6454-9015

+86 10 6454-9014

Email: info@dulwich-beijing.cn



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