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Christine Ström (Public Relation Director)

“I am from Germany. I have been living in Beijing with my family for four years now. At the German Embassy School of Beijing I am responsible for the Public Relations. Our school is a private German school abroad with a modern school and Kindergarden campus centrally located in Chaoyang District. Our school was awarded the status of “Excellent German School Abroad” in 2012.”

About your Students

Everyone is very much welcome, but an international passport and German language skills are required.

We offer “Education made in Germany” from Kindergarden to Abitur (12th grade) at the highest level for more than 700 students from over 30 countries. About 30% of our students have a Chinese family background.

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Language of instruction in our school is German. Our school teaches according to the German curriculum. English is taught as the first foreign language from Kindergarden and Elementary School on. Lessons in Geography from grade 6 and Political Science from grade 10 are taught bilingually. French is taught as the second foreign language and Chinese is taught as an intensive course from 6th grade on.

How do you prepare your students to be the most efficient possible?

Our students receive outstanding German language skills and education in an international and global setting which allows for easy return to schools in Germany or acceptance to German and International universities. We award the highest level graduation degree (Abitur), in the German education system at the end of 12th grade which is equivalent to a GCSE. We also offer preparation courses for Cambridge Certificates (CAE Cambridge Advanced English) and YTC and HSK Certificates. Every year our students reach best results compared with the average of German schools based in Germany.  


Our school sets high value to an intensive intercultural exchange. Our students get knowledge about their host country, the Chinese traditions, language and culture from Kindergarden on. Once a year we celebrate a special Chinese day organized by our students and Chinese teacher team. In 2016 we started a cooperation with our Chinese Partner School and we are going to have sport festivals and projects together. Furthermore our school has established its own Charity project in 1998, where students, their families and teachers are collecting contributions for migrant worker schools in Beijing. And: Our school holidays are in line with the German and Chinese holiday schedules.

It’s always difficult for foreign students to come in a new school, how do you help students to develop themselves and be integrated into German school?

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A particularly family-like atmosphere characterizes our school. Small classes, dedicated teachers and an individual and excellent sponsorship help students to feel comfortable at our school. We feel as one big family which helps students to find friends very easily. In our Primary School we have implemented a special welcome system, where older students help younger and new students to integrate smoothly.

What can you say to the families who arrive in Beijing and have apprehension!

Even, if you don’t think so, Beijing is a wonderful place to live. You can meet so many nice people from Germany and from all over the world who are in the same situation like you and your family. In our school we offer a range of activities and events for the German community in Beijing, i.e. Summer- and Welcome Parties, sports and language programs, sightseeing events, book clubs, charity projects, cooking classes, volunteering programs. Please visit us and find out how wonderful life could be in BeijingJ.    

You are an international school into a Chinese environment, do you help children to find their place and manage with China/Chinese?

Yes, we do. Our students from foreign countries are taught in Chinese culture, language and traditions. We offer special courses for students and families to find out more about China and the environment. We also do field trips, for example in Class 11 our students do a science project in the Mongolian desert to find out more about the nature and environmental protection in China.      




We provide a comprehensive extra-curricular program, consisting of project and study groups in Music, Theater, Arts, Sports, Natural Sciences and Languages where students can develop their talents.

Bus services for students who live far away from German school

Our school provides school bus service for all students who live far away from school.

IT services

Our school provides the most modern technical equipment for our students. We are offering IT classes for young and older students. We offer WIFI service and computer places for our students.

Canteen and food services

Our school provides a café and a canteen for all students with freshly made dishes (western style, Chinese style, salad bar, snacks). 

Add-on of German school?

„The German Embassy School of Beijing is an excellent school. My children are taught at a very high level in an international setting, preparing them for their future. The school is very well equipped and offers great activities. The family atmosphere helps children to find friends quickly.”

Kerstin Hoffmann, German Embassy School mother


Annual School fee (2016/17)


Kindergarden & Pre School: 95.500 RMB

Primary School (Grade 1-4): 89.000 RMB

Secondary & High School (Grade 5-12): 96.000 RMB

Bus fee: 14.000 RMB


Address /Contacts


German Embassy School of Beijing/Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking, 49 A Liangmaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, 100125 Beijing, P.R. China

北京德国使馆学校, 北京市朝阳区亮马桥路 49A, 邮编:100125

Tel.: +86 (0)10 8531 6100





Kindergarden of the German Embassy School of Beijing/ Kindergarten der Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking, Tayuan Diplomatic Compound, Buildg. 4, 1 Xindong Road, Chaoyang District, 100600 Beijing, P.R. China

北京德国使馆学校幼儿园, 北京市朝阳区新东路1号, 塔园外交公寓四号楼一层, 邮编: 100600

Tel.: +86 (0)10 8531 6170




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