Beijing will finally not ban eating in subway

140521 ban eating

source: china daily

Those daily commuting by subway in Beijing were expecting the official ban of eating in subway since the pre-announcement by the authorities last February. Unfortunately, the authorities have decided to cancel the rule to officially ban eating on the subway.

For those not familiar with Beijing subway and even Chinese subways, it is maybe interesting to short list the kind of foods your travelling companions can enjoy while you wear you working clothes and expect to have a rest before or after a hard working day:
140521 104118630Jianbing: a kind of Chinese wrap, filled with eggs, smelly constituted meat, salad and sauce,
Soda cans
Instant noddles: the smellier, the better. Stay away, as you know what happen when eating noddles with Chinese chopsticks.
Meals from international and local Quick-Serving-Restaurants: it is not that you never had this kind of food, but you never know how your neighbour is skilled for eating Western food.
Chuan’r or Chinese barbecue sticks: often sold at the entrance of  Beijing subway stations, those meat sticks can be source of many hurdles: you could get hurt by one of those sticks (watch your eyes) or get showered by some juice. As the origin of the meat used for the preparation of those barbecue meat, the recipe includes various kinds of smelly spices.
Seeds, peanuts… and their shells: looking at the amount of shells on the floor and the speed at which your travelling companion is eating, you can guess the time he already spent in the subway.
Drink boxes and Chinese teas: colourful and sweet preferably.
Steamed corn: requires a lot of concentration for eating, stay away if the fortunate eater has a drink in the other hand, you may get a shower.
– Chou doufu (Stinky Tofu): the name itself says all about it. Westerners can’t stand the smell… and less and less young Chinese.
Fruits: the most healthy snack of all above, but still …

So if you want to avoid rushing to your apartment for changing clothes before an important meeting, stay away of those eating in the Subway. The government tried to implement the ban of eating but they changed their mind looking at the challenge. Officials recommend first a campaign of education… for a better civilized Beijing!

Scout Real Estate wishes a good day to all those Living in Beijing!


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