Beijing to turn on the public heating system earlier in 2015!

You may have seen the weather forecast: snow is expected from tomorrow Friday November 6th 2015 and earlier this week, we’ve heard that the public heating system will be turned on from this weekend!

The heating system is usually turned on from November 15th to March 15th, but the dates may be adjusted: the heating system should be turned on if the the outside temperature is lower than 5°C (and therefore should be stopped when the outside temperature reaches 5°C).

Beijing authorities also warns residents about possible leakage in heating pipes: if you find out that your tap water is salty, contact Beijing Waterworks Group for immediate repair!

Does it mean that we will face again winter pollution with high levels for PM 2.5? According to China Daily, it will not: Beijing has witnessed a significant improvement of air quality in the past 10 months and we shouldn’t be afraid it was only linked to favourable meteorological conditions: some polluting enterprises have been closed and government is running random checks to punish those violating the regulations!


If you don’t see temperatures going up after this weekend in your apartment in Beijing, you’d better ask the management of your residence what’s going on! 



Beijing District Heating Group Co., Ltd.

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