Basic steps to rent office space in Beijing

If you are looking for office space in Beijing, you should be careful to know what you are looking for and respect a few steps. Offices are available all over Beijing, from Grade A to Grade C standard and the offer is constantly increasing as Beijing is truly becoming one of the largest business hubs in the world, with firce competition in China between Tier I cities (Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzen).


If you are looking for serviced office, you should be aware that most office space in Beijing will have to be renovated before you can enter and begin your economic activity. This implies additional costs you have to take into consideration when establishing your budget.


Legal issues have to be considered as well. Be aware that some areas are regulated and some building are not open to any business. Having activities in office space where your acticity is no allowed will add delays, insecurity and will be horrendously costly.


The legal rules are evolving and be careful to be up-to-fate with company registration and office space renting regulation.


Here are a few very basic guidelines that we will develop later on this blog.


  1. Check the surface area. What is advertised can be slighlty different from the reality. Of course, you should discuss the rent and compare with similar office space and negociate. A good advice of people with good knownledge of the market is necessary.


  1. Check the property title of the building. Avoid sub renting or worse, cons that will advertise themselves as owners when they have bo legal title on the building.


  1. Check the internet connection speed.


  1. Is there parking place.


  1. Is there special rules for the renovation. Some building are quite strict about it when you might need more liberty in the way you chage the layout.


  1. The management fees: what do they exactly include.


  1. Can you have signage in the building, and which one.


  1. Stotage, you might need it.


  1. Check the availability of additional office space in the building. Your company might grow quickly and you will find yourself stuck in too little space or to move. Some buiding can be versatile and offer you more office space.


  1. Check the payment terms. Some owners can be quite demanding.


This is very basic recomandations, but you might have to be cautious when you move in Beijing. Later on, we’ll discuss more precise points but do not underestimeate these points, they can be useful to think about, in a quickly evolving real estate market.













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