Appartments to rent in the « Beijing Lido » or Lidu

Well, in Chinese this is called « Lidu » but for some reason the authorities when it came to translate the name chose Lido, even if the link with Venice is very remote. Anyway, this is a nice place to live in Beijing, well located in the eastern Beijing business hub wich is still growing, not so far from the original CBD in Guomao and very close to the futire new CBD being developed in Wangjing.


This is essentially a residential area, not very large compared with other districts in Beijing ut this is now clearly a trendy area with a dynamic population. Lido is very close to Shunyi, and it has developed as a residential suburb east of Beijing. The apartments there can have quite large surface area with reasonable rents. Of course, it is less central than other areas sucha as Wangfujing, but it has avantages.


Lido is not only a residential area, it has economic activity too. Many foreign companies have settled there Beijing office there, for example in real estate projects such as the Lido Place and Office Tower. There is a technology park in the area, for IT companies, « Electronic Innovation Industry Park ».


Now, Lido has many restaurants and leisure activities.


This is a good location for frequent commuter with rather convenient access to Beijing Capital Airport.


There is a lot of cultural activity related to the presence of the 798, a former factory complex that has been turned into a very large art center, dedicated to creation. This is worth visiting, and includes a lot of nice places, restaurants, cafes. Lido is a place with golf courses and a large Sihi park.


A ist of international schools in Beijing Lido : :International Academy of BeijingEton International School3e International School Beijing,Beanstalk International School.

This is a district very adapted to expatriate life in Beijing with two Jennay Wang’shops, an April Gourmet, and a large Indigo Mall for clothes and international brands. Kid’s land, in the area, is a reference for toys and children’s clothes.


List of apartment compounds in Lido :



Fortune Plaza 财富中心

Van Palace 旺座公寓

Global Trade Mansion 世贸国际公寓

Windsor Avenue 温莎大道

World City 世界城

Central Park 新城国际

Fortune Heights 御金台

Star City 星城国际苑,

Lido Serenity City 银河湾,

Pearl Harbor 新华联丽港,

Cando Apartment 瞰都.


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