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Rent a serviced apartment in Beijing Lido

To rent a serviced apartment in Lido, a residential area in Beijing

Serviced Apartment in Beijing Lido

A growing district in Beijing, Lido is located in the north-east of the large administrative area of east Beijing, Chaoyang. In comparison with other districts in Beijing, the place has a rather limited surface but this is a dynamic living area that hosts a young Chinese population and expatriates.

Before Shunyi district developed itself, Lido has been the Beijing area at the margin of the large business districts that welcomes Expatriates and Chinese middle classes.

This is an ideal place to rent larger serviced apartments with more reasonable rents compared with the Beijing business central districts, with an additional advantage that the families can easily put their children at school close to home. Compared with Shunyi, at the north east, there are companies setlled in Shunyi and this is a Beijing district with an actual economic activity, not a simple residential suburb.

A serviced apartment in Lido, an economically active district

A large number of foreign companies have seized the opportunities offered by this growing district, at locations like The Lido Place and Office Tower that host foreign and Chinese companies offices. The "Electronic Innovation Industry Park" welcomes IT companies.

This economic activity and the large number of residents have enabled the settlement of a large number of shops and restaurants.

Access to the Beijing Capital Airport from your serviced apartment in Lido

Lido is located between the airport and the business districts, with a direct access to Airport Expressway. Your serviced apartment is close to the airport, to international schools and to the business districts at the Center of Beijing. This is an ideal place for people that commute a lot because of their professional activity.

This is as well the reason why there is a lot of international hotels in Lido.

A serviced apartment close to 798, the art district in Beijing

The 798, an area concentrating a lot of art galleries in Beijing is located inside Beijing Lido district. The 798 is a brownfield site that has been renovated and customized in such a way that it has become a large site with art galleries in Beijing. The ambition is to create one of the world's most prestigious contemporary art centers, gathering many Chinese artists with international renown.

If you are interested by contemporary art in Beijing, there is another famous art village, Caochangdi, an area which is smaller and more secretive compared with 798.

Green areas close to your serviced apartment in the Lido district

Lido is a place with a certain number of parks and green spaces. The most famous one is the Side Park 四得公园, but this is as well a place to walk along the Bahe river that can have a certain charm and you can visit golf courses such as the Beijing Champion Club. Actually, the Beijing Lido district is not as green as the Shunyi district located at the east but it remains a rather open space and a little bit less polluted than the central districts in Beijing. The Lido quality of life is good, with many sport grounds, tennis courts and football fields...

International Schools close to your serviced apartment in the Lido district

There is several international schools in the Lido district close to the serviced apartment you are renting in Beijing. Take special note of the following ones: International Academy of Beijing, 3e International School Beijing, Beanstalk International School, Eton International School.

The choice of the Lido is a very good choice to rent a serviced apartment if you have kids to school.

Our blog will give you information about these schools, with interviews.

Your serviced apartment in Lido, hospitals and clinics

If you have a health problem or if you wish to visit a doctor nearby your serviced apartment in Beijing, we selected the following institutions:

Beijing United Family Hospital, OASIS Healthcare, Smart Health Medical & Dental Center, Amcare Women & Children's Hospital, IDC Dental.

Our blog will give you more details about some of these institutions.

Your serviced apartment in Lido district in Beijing, do some shopping around

If you wish to buy international food, luxury goods or clothes next to your serviced apartment in the Beijing Lido area, here are the main practical places. About food, the district features two Jenny Lou's shops, both of them in the Side Park neighborhood, one of them is located at Fangyuanxi Lu, close to Xiaoyun Bridge, east of fourth ring road, the other one is located 2, Jiangtai Lu, northeast of Side Park.

Another address for international food: April Gournmet, 9, Fangyuan Nanli.

About clothes and international brands, the most famous adress in the district is Indigo Mall, 20, Jiuxianqiao Lu. To be noted, another shop for children: Kids Land, located 6 Jiangtai Lu (Holiday Inn 1st floor).

Our selection of serviced apartments in Lido, in the Jiuxianqiao and Side Park.

Serviced Apartment in Beijing Lido

In the Lido district, this is the area that concentrates the most compounds suited to welcome foreigners. You can rent a serviced apartment in the following compounds:

Our selection of serviced apartments in Lido, along the Jiuxian Qiao Lu

Apartment in Beijing Jiuxian

East of the district, expatriates settle themselves regularly in those compounds:

Property compound listing
Service apartment compounds
Apartment compounds
Villa compounds
Courtyard areas
Office compounds
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