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Serviced apartments in Beijing: Chaoyang Park and Lufthansa district (Liangmaqiao)

In the core of Chaoyang district, one of the richest urban zones in Asia and located in the eastern part of Beijing, the districts around Chaoyang Park and Lufthansa Center are among the most frequent accomodation choices for expatriates settling themselves in Beijing.

The areas are attractive for short-term rentals as well as long term agreements, they are close to Beijing's most dynamic business hubs and are suited for people looking for serviced apartments. Very developped and adapted to western lifestyle in Beijing, these are places where expatriates easily find themselves at ease in China.

Serviced apartment close to Chaoyang Park, the lungs of Beijing

Around Chaoyang Park

Chaoyang Park is the largest urban park in Asia, with a surface area of 280 hectares which includes 68 hectares of artificial lakes.

The Park is developped in several zones with very différent designs, it enables people to enjoy refreshing walks and various activities. Besides the visit of floral gardens, it is possible to ride a rollercoaster, do some sport, play music…

The compounds located around Chaoyang Park benefit from large green areas, scenic lakes, (9 rivers flow across Chaoyang district) and protected spots inside the buzzing, thriving, hyperactive (and polluted) Beijing megalopolis.

You will have the opportunity to rent serviced apartments inside residences with slightly recessed entrance ways, that are relaxing and privileged shelters from the louds transport axis in Beijing.

This district displays modern and effective infrastuctures and the whole range of services that can be expected in a huge international metropolis.

Your serviced apartment in a welcoming, opened to the world, district in Beijing

Beijing apartment, Illustration for Chaoyang , Palm Springs clubhouse

Daily life in the areas surrounding Chaoyang Park is a good way to find a compromise between western and asian ways of life. Besides Chaoyang Park and its attractions, you can have a walk inside the Solana Lifestyle Shopping Park, a very extended commercial center featuring many international brands, cinemas, a Kids Town, every style of restaurant for every budgte. To have a drink and chat with friends, have a try at the "ucky Bar Street" just next to the Shopping Park 蓝色港湾幸福街.

Some of the numerous bars and night clubs in the area have gained real notoriety, for example Suzy Wong's night club, the Juicy Spot Night Club and the Black Sun 黑太阳 among many others.

If you are looking to get food from the entire world to have a change from Chinese cuisine, the area features a large number of grocery stores and supermarkets; some major ones are Carrefour 家乐福 , east of Chaoyang Park on Yaojiayuan Road, April Gourmet 绿叶子食品店 next to Park Avenue residence, Yoaojiayuan Road and Jenny Lou's 婕妮璐 located close to Chaoyang Park west gate.

Residences offering serviced apartments around Chaoyang Park

Serviced partment to rent Chaoyang Park

Very comfortable residences offer serviced apartments inside the chaoyang Park neighborhood that can respond to various expectations. This district is suited for businesspeople and companies executives who are working in Beijing for a short period of time and people who are commuting a lot or who want to remain rather close to Beijing Capital airport. It can be suited as well for families that are planning to settle in China for a longer duration and will benefit from the convenient location, international schools being within reasonable reach.

The Sanquan Apartment residence 三全公寓 is located just a few minutes walk from Liangmaqiao subway station, at the crossing between Liangma river and one of the canals that brings water to Chaoyang Park. This is a compound of rather tall buildings with spectacular views on the surrounding areas and surrounded by green spaces. The apartments's modern interior design meets very correct standards, but has been specifically established for Japanese consumers expectations and some rooms can appear quite small.

Further south, next to Chayong Park western gate, is located Kingstone International Apartment 皇石国际, with its manageable harmonious dimensions. This compound is available for long-term serviced apartment rentals (more than 3 months), within a calm and pleasant envronment perfectly suited for expat families. The clubhouse provides tenants with high level services, possibility to have access to a business center, a very beautiful indoor swimming pool, a sauna as well as a japanese restaurant and a cafe.

The Lufthansa area in Beijing (Liangmaqiao) and its diplomatic district

North of Chaoyang Park is the area often referred as " Lufthansa " by foreigners, in which you can rent as well a serviced apartment. This place is very sought-after by diplomats and embassies personnel since one of the three Beijing diplomatic districts is located there, with many embassies including those of the United States, Japan, South Korea, France, Israel, India, Qatar, Malaysia...

Lufthansa is undergoing wide-scale change, it is still in development with large surface of unoccupied land waiting to be constructed and security zones around the embassies. The consequence is that this is a very compartimentalized district, simple moves within the area can sometimes be very difficult.

One of the most famous shopping malls in Beijing, Lufthansa Center

Lufthansa Beijinh

Located 50 Liangma Road, east of Liangmaqiao subway station, Lufthansa Center has been one of the first large luxury shopping malls built in Beijing. When it opened, it was definitely a place not to be missed by expatriates, but now, with the openings of luxury shopping malls all around Beijing in the past years, the place has lost a part of its appeal. This remains still one of the major attractions in the east of Beijing, with its international brands, cafes, restaurants and luxury hotels. The headquarters of the german airline company Lufthansa in China are located inside the center, hence the name.

In this district is located the "Lady Street", Nuren Jie 女人街. In this network of little streets are located hundreds of little clothing and jewelry shops. You can visit this area and buy chep clothes and get good (or bad) bargains.

Another commercial landmark in this area is the Liangma flower market 亮马花卉市场, with shops selling a wide choice of flowers and plants. Bargaining is always the rule but this place has a real charm.

International Schools in Lufthansa district next to your serviced apartment

For expatriate families with children, renting a serviced apartment in Lufthansa can be a good compromise. There is not many international schools right in the area but most of them are located just at the east, not too far away, with shuttles picking up the children, while the Lufthansa area is still very close from Beijing business hubs fr working people.

Furthermore, two major international scholls are located in Lufhtansa: the German School (Deutsche Botschaftsschule Peking) , 49 Liangmaqiao Road, and the Canadian International School of Beijing, 38 Liangmaqiao Road.

Your serviced apartment in Lufthansa district

serviced apartment in LIangmaqiao

Here is a selection of residences offering serviced apartments for rent.

The Landmark Tower residence 亮马河大厦, is just at the east of Beijing Volkswagen headquarters, south west from Liangmaqiao subway station. The building's outfit may appear a little bit outdated but the quality of the services provided is very good and the apartments are very comfortable.

The Kempinski Residence 凯宾斯基 is located just nearby ufthansa center. This residence offers beautiful apartments with high standard services. Just like Landmark Tower, it is often a choice for short-term rentals.

Perfect choice for embassy personnel looking for a serviced apartment 2 minutes walk from their working place, the

Somerset Fortune Garden 福景苑 is a pleasant serviced apartment compound. It is frequently chosen for long-term rentals and the tenants usually feel at home when they live there, without the hotel-like feeling which is the usual flaw of serviced apartments.

West of Sanyuanqiao, Oak Château 橡树公馆 is a residence that ensentially offers small 1 bedroom apartments or studio with very good value for money.

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