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Central Park新城国际

Apartment in Beijing


Compound 13
District CBD
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Properties in the Central Park compound

Central Park's review.

  • 2012-08-17

    Marissa y family
    Central park compound is perfect if you want to have a warm and confortable life in Beijing with kids. It offers a gym, restaurants and hair and beauty saloon which is good if you do not have so much time to go out during the weekdays. But it is also 10 minutes away by car from the modern area of Sanlitun. Chaoyang park is not far away by car so you can bring your children to enjoy outdoor activities. If not, dont worry because Central park has a private garden too. If you cannot live without your car, its not a problem because they also offer parking. It has been very easy to adapt to China in Central park.

  • 2011-01-10

    Sonia & Alex
    I used to live in a Central Park penthouse (for three years). I have to say that it was a great accommodation for my short stay in Beijing. The management was a bit slow at fixing some problems during the beginning of my stay, but after a while they got to know me and were more reactive to my needs. Pros Top location in the CBD area Clean building with daily cleaning staff going around the property Good quality building compared with other Beijing properties Lots of easy access to shops, including restaurants, bars, and shopping center (Guomao, Fortune Mall, SOHO, The Place, etc…) Family-orientated with a large central garden and kindergarten nearby Almost every taxi driver knows where Central Park is Amazing club house Cons Management is not friendly towards pets Price is getting very expensive with regards to size of the apartments (especially considering that a new building recently opened nearby) Outside window cleaning is not done often

  • 2011-01-10

    Central Park is a nice location with a lot of surrounding entertainment in the area. I live in a one bedroom apartment which can get expensive for considering its size, but being right in the center of the CBD makes up for it since it’s easy access to my work. The traffic can be awful during peak hours which sometimes makes me late to work, but most of the time I use the subway (Line 10).The management is fine and always ready to help. Great place!

  • 2011-01-08

    I just arrived in a 2-bedroom apartment in Central Park last month and it is honestly a very convenient location for people working in the CBD area. You have a ton of taxis waiting for you outside all the time and many bars, restaurants, and shopping areas are nearby. The only thing I did noticed compared to my old apartment in Embassy House is that the price of everything is a bit more expensive than Dongzhimen. I did not find any major supermarket in the area, and it is not easy to find some cheap Chinese restaurants around. Apart from that, the building and management (Savills) is pretty good and many foreigners live in Central Park after many years in Beijing (which makes me feel good again). Living in Central Park gives the feeling of living in the heart of the CBD in a modern metropolis such as Hong Kong or New York, forgetting that I am in China.

  • 2010-12-22

    Cristina and Stefano
    My husband and I have been living in Central Park for the last 5 years and are very happy to stay where we are. The surroundings are great with many expat families and convenient stores around. In the summer, you can see many families with kids playing in the park. It’s very possible to live in Central Park without having to speak much Chinese. My husband often gets annoyed with the slow internet connection, but considering he’s on the computer all day at work, it’s not that much of an inconvenience. I highly recommend Central Park as a home for expat families because its location, management, and services are some of the best you can find in Beijing.

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