Xanadu 禧瑞都, a residential compound in Beijing CBD

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If you search for Xanadu Beijing on the web, you will for sure find links to Xanadu 禧瑞都, a residential compound located in Beijing’s CBD, but not only! Indeed, Shangdu (pinyin ʂɑ̂ŋ tú), also known as Xanadu (from Mongolian Šandu), was the capital of Kublai Khan’s Yuan dynasty in China! The city was magnificent, as per described by Marco Polo in 1278 and many other authors. Thanks to the litterature, Xanadu has become a metaphor for splendor and opulence.

By the way, the site of Xanadu (the old one) is World Heritage Site. 6-hour journey (430 km) from Beijing by bus. That was for the cultural information and now let’s go back to the Real Estate Property!


If you are living in Xanadu compound or if you ever had the chance to visit one of the apartments of Xanadu residence, you will probably agree that the developer of Beijing Xanadu, Beijing Capital Land, did a good job for the design and the construction of the residence, calling for splendor and magnificence! 


An ideal location in Beijing’s CBD

IMG_433218 Jan 2016Xanadu residence is located “50 meters North from the CCTV tower”SCOUT Real Estate client confirmed that the location in Beijing’s CBD is ideal, both for the working spouse and his accompanying wife. Check the comment from Claudia and Niklas on SCOUT’s website page dedicated to Xanadu residential compound in CBD

As we mentioned earlier in one of our posts, Xanadu residence is located near Jing Guang tower (Rosewood hotel, completely renovated in 2014, and which features a nice restaurant (BISTROT) and bar (MEI BAR)). Access to Jenny Lou CBD and April Gourmet CBD (supermarkets selling everything an expat needs to survive in Beijing or almost) is also convenient – free delivery to Xanadu residence. 

Located on the line 10 of Beijing’s subway, it will be easy for residents to reach any part of the city.  Easy access by car from 3rd East ring road (Jing Guang bridge) and 4th East ring road. 

If your office is located in Beijing’s CBD (China World Tower, Fortune Plaza Office Building, Kerry Center, Prosper Center…), this is definitively a apartment good location!


One of the highest standard residential apartments compound in Beijing.

Designed by the GBBN Architects, Xanadu Apartments has attractive design and good layout apartments, high ceiling, good exposure to natural light. Cleaning contract has been signed with Kelilaien cleaning company, to ensure highest standards of cleaning.

 The residence opened in 2011, and include four buildings of 22 and 24 stories.

Furniture is modern and Western style, with good quality “higher than Ikea”.

The garden includes kids playground.


Enjoy beautiful pictures taken on a sunny day in Beijing

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