“Gao bei dian” Street , antique furniture in Beijing

At the east of Beijing, the Gao Bei Dian village is now among the main city’s areas to find furniture: antique furniture (genuine or not, you’d better be careful), decoration items, lamps, carpets, beds, tables…!

As the whole, the place is a kind of high-standard second-hand market dispatched in several stores located in the same street, each one of those stores having its own style and selling different kinds of furniture.

Located south of the nearby subway station of the same name, on line 1 (Batong line), the Gaobeidian street extends itself on two kilometres.

Some shops expose their furniture inside, others turn out to be real museums one inside, including the Geng Zhi Tang, specialized in ancient Chinese embroidery.


Other shops are actually large warehouses where all the furniture is roughly stored.


Do not rely on the impressions given by the front windows, be curious and get inside every shop. Be aware that the vast majority of sellers do not speak english.


One of the most renowned shop in the street is “Lily’s Antique” (article is to be isuued).

All along the street you’ll discover various styles, including contemporary, traditional Chinese or ancient Ming dynasty’s styles  perfect for you new apartement!





How to get there ?

Subway: Gaobeidian subway station, line 1 (Batong line)

Exit B, walk until “Gaobeidian Bridge” and then turn south leaving the bridge in your back, Gaobeidian village is 15 minutes’s walk.


Opening time:

Generally 8.30 am – 6pm


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