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Horse riding in Beijing? Some would not imagine that Beijing has numbers of equestrian clubs in the suburbs, easily accessible for the city center. This article may be helping families or individuals moving to Beijing and worrying about being able or not to practice their favorite sport: Beijing has number of sports facilities including equestrian sports. 

However, there is a “but” to this good news, as horseback ridding in Beijing is rather expensive. We will be sharing fees of equestrian clubs around Beijing. In fact, equestrian clubs in Beijing and in China have to bear higher horse maintenance costs considering that some products are not as widespread as in Europe: as a result, horse riding is more expensive than in Europe or Western countries.
For these reasons, in China, horseback riding is considered as a hobby for rich Chinese people and expats who are living in Beijing.

We should also take into account that equestrian practice is quite recent in China and the majority of equestrian clubs only show jumping, with a less number teaching dressage and harness riding. However, horseback riding in Beijing can be a beneficial and healthy physical activity both for children and adults and anyone living in Beijing, as you need to breathe fresh air, relax to help you to bear all the 压力(Yālì, pressure in Chinese) of your daily life. Equitation practice has even therapeutic effects.

Img214815382In addition, even if some still believe that horseback riding is not a sport, this physical activity has nothing less than other physical activities. Indeed, this is a physical activity that needs deep mental and body concentration and can improve body strength, balance, athleticism and mental agility. Therefore, if you are living in Beijing and you are looking for some physical activity or extracurricular activities for your children, or if you are an experienced rider and you are willing to keep practising horseback riding, we are sharing a list of equestrian clubs for you to find out the most convenient place !

If you didn’t bring all your equitation equipment and accessories from your home country, you can buy any kind of equestrian product from this shop (English speaking staff).


HEC, Huijia Equestrian Club 北京汇佳马术俱乐部责任有限公司
banniere_1416123053Website: (French) or (English/Chinese)
Address: 北京市昌平区昌平区昌怀路157号(近汇佳学校) 157 CHANGHUAI LU PO BOX 1010, CHANGPING DISTRICT. 102200 BEIJING
Telephone: 051631618 / 010-69741722
Located in Changping district. This club is member of FFE (Fédération Francaise d’Equitation). French, English and Chinese speaking and nice atmosphere.
How to get there? Ideally by car, as it takes over 2hours to reach there by public transportation from city center (Subway Changping Line towards Nanshao, then bus 昌52路towards 昌平北站).

Asgard Equestrian Club
Address:北京市朝阳区孙河顺黄路31号 BeijingshiChaoyangqusunheshunhuang Road
Located in the Chaoyang district, near from the city center,this equestrian club covers an area of 150 acres in a wonderful environment with water park, woods and flowers. The many experienced bilingualcoaches will offer you basic courses if you are a beginner as well ascompetitions for more experienced riders. There are a lot of foreign horses from Germany, Denmark, Netherland and England.
Fees: The price for one lesson of about 45 min is of 780RMB plus an extra of 100-200 Rmb for coach fee per course, but if you get a member card the price is of 280 RMB.
How to get there: line 15 subway station Sunhe 孙河 (exit D), then take the bus 857 and stop at 顺黄路东口Shunhuangludongkou, then you should walk for 1 km until you reach your destination.

Address: 顺义区京承高速8出口2.5公里高丽营镇 Shunyiqujingchenggaosu 8 chukou 2.5 Km Gaoliyingzhen
Telephone: 010-57262838
This equestrian club is located in the Shunyi district, you can get there through the subway station Shunyi on the line 15, it has 2400 square meters of indoor space and offers English riding styles, equestrian therapy for all kinds of rehabilitation process as well as beginner and professional courses. They don’t have English-speaking staff.
Fees: The price for one year of elementary course is 6800 元.
How to get there: line 10 subway station Shaoyaoju 芍药居 (exit B), walk for 200 metres and take the bus 942 and stop at xiwanglu西王路, then walk for 730 metres until you reach your destination. If you have problems with the directions, ask the bus driver to tell you when to get off the bus.

Address:  北京市朝阳区孙河镇顺白路91号 Beijing shi Chaoyangqu Sunhe Zhenshe Bai Road 91
Telephone: 400 075 0808 13522339691
Located in the Chaoyang district, it is the only British Horse Society Approved Club with about 130 horses, including many imported from Europe, and more than ten years of experience in equestrian sports. It offers domestic and international competitions such as FEI World Cup, National Championship and National Elite Competition, etc. Equuleus Club provides riding lessons, show jumping and dressage for both adults and children as well as lessons for children of 4-6 years, for different levels. It has English instructors.
How to get there: Line 15 subway station Nanfaxin 南法信 (Exit D), then walk for 200 metres take the bus 100 and get off at 万万树 Wanwanshu, then take the bus 13 and stop at 西王路, walk for 400 metres until you reach your destination.

Chaoyang Park Youth Equestrian Training Center or Beijing International Equestrian Club 朝阳公园青少年马术培训中心
Address: 朝阳公园西三门停车场,西四门停车场 Chaoyangqu park xi san men tingchezhan (bus stop), xi si men tingchezhan
Telephone: (010)80203369
This equestrian club has European trained pony that offer lessons to youths from 5 to 15 years old as well as competitions and lesson for more experienced riders. They have English speaking staff.
Fees: the price for one lesson of 45 min for children and adult is of 1000 RMB.
How to get there: line 14 subway station zaoying枣营 (exit D). By bus,419/677/621/985/682bus stop zaoying north.



logoAddress: 朝阳区机场第二高速东苇路出口  Chaoyangqu jichang dier gaosu dongweiRoad chukou
Telephone: 400 030 5225
Located in the Chaoyang district,this equestrian club offers elementary courses of English style, for children who have never experienced riding a horse. They have English staff.
Fees: The annual fee is of 6800元. 
How to get there: line 15 subway station Maquanying 马泉营(exit C) then take the bus 988 and stop at Mayuanqing 马泉营, then walk for 300 metres until to arrive.

Address: 海淀区苏家坨镇温北路 Zhenwenbei Road, Sujiatuo Town, Haidian District, Beijing .
Telephone: 010-57015526 010-57018256
Located in the Haidan district, it offers international lessons to children, teenagers and adults as well as international competitions. It believes that learning to go horseback riding is very useful for children who will be thought not only how to ride a horse but also how to understand and come into contact with it. Their staff speak only a bit English. You can have a try lesson of 10 minutes for free.
Fees: The annual fee is of 7500 元.
How to get there: line 4 subway station Xiyuan西苑 (exit C1), then walk for 300 metres and take the bus 968 and stop at JingjiZaoyong fang 经济造用房 and then walk for 1000 metres until you reach your destination.


Address: 北京市海淀区苏家坨镇柳林村南 Haidian District, the town of Sujiatuo Liu Lin Village South
Telephone: 010-56526388 18301060100
Mustang is an equestrian chain club which include equestrian sports, accommodation, leisure catering, training rooms, multi-purpose hall etc., with American style decoration. It is located in the Haidan district. It has established cooperation with China Equestrian Association, China Horse Industry Association, China Agriculture University, Xinjiang Agriculture University.  They don’t have English speaking staff.
Fees: The fee for two months is of 2800元.
How to get there: line 10 subway station Suzhoujie 苏州街(exit A) , then take the bus 651 and stop at Liulincun柳林村, then walk for 300 metres until you arrive.

tang poloWebsite:
Address: 北京市通州区宋庄镇葛渠村吴各庄路108号唐人马球马术俱乐部 Wu Gezhuang Road, Gequ Village, Songzhuang Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China,101119
Telephone:86 (010) 8051-9200/9201
Located in the Tongzhou district, it is a private first-class country club, the ideal place to learn the sport of polo which has deep historical roots in China. The club also has a polo clubhouse, a boutique art hotel, tennis courts, swimming pools, lounge bar etc.
How to get there: line 10 subway station Sanyuanqiao三元桥(exit c1), then walk for 300 metres and take the bus 850 or 935 and stop at Gang shancunnan 岗山村南 then take the bus 1 and stop at Lai yin wan 莱茵湾and then walk for 300 metres until you reach your destination.

Beijing Great Wall Sunshine Valley Equestrian Club 长城阳光山谷马术俱乐部
Website: –
Address: 北京延庆八达岭镇阳光路8号 No.8 Sunshine Road Yanqing County, Beijing Badaling Town
Telephone: +86 10 81182300
Located at the foot of the Great Wall in Beijing Badaling, Great Wall Sun Valley Equestrian Club was founded in December 2000.
Fees: 120 to 200 RMB per hour.
How to reach there? Take Bus No.876 or 920 Shixia Yanchangxian to Lipao Stop or take the 919 express bus from Deshengmen to the Yingchengzi stop

Beijing Country Equestrian Park (北京乡村赛马场)
Website: – 
Address: Turn right (south) at Yanjing Jiuguang Crossroads, Shunyi Mapo Town, Beijing北京顺义马坡乡马坡镇过燕京酒厂路口右拐路南
Telephone: 010-69403888
Located in Shunyi District. The equestrian park is also home to a large golf course.
How to get there? take the 915 bus to 2 Country Equestrian Park

Jinsha International Equestrian Club 金沙国际马术俱乐部
Address: No.1, Hebin Road of Moon River, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Telephone:  89576868, 89576668
How to get there? Take No. 322 Bus at Sihui to Dongguan Bridge Stop in Tongzhou District. 

If you are running an equestrian club in Beijing or if you have another recommendation for equitation practice in  Beijing and it is not listed, kindly leave us a comment!


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