Chinese brands and Hollywood: heavy Chinese product placement in Transformers IV

Let’s discuss something with no direct link with real estate, but still important for Chinese economy, its mutation and its opening to the world.


China is more and more involved on the western countries market, as it is the case for real estate, but far from beijing limited to it, this is the sign of the creation of large Chinese world companies and their goals that are clearly to gain world visibility.

This is going to be blatant with Transformers IV, the megablockbuster which is currently beijibg filmed; with many set locations within China. This is not random, US Studios are eager to set foot on the Chinese market with its amazing viewer potential, and Chinese brand are happy to take part in the project and make product placement.

There is going to be more Chinese product placemement in Transformers IV than in any movie before, declared Rob Moore, the vice chairman of Paramount Pictures.

Actually, this was facilitated by the fact that a part of the storyline of this movie takes place in China. From Paramount point of view, this is a way to make the China on-screen more authentic and takes part in the storytelling and the atmosphere.

The details of the brands hasn’t been revealed yet, but it has been confirmed that there is a duck-meat snack, a brand of drinking water and a car brand.

This is a new trend and it has been a discovery for Chinese citizens in the previous Transformer movie, even with a controversy since one of the brands was involved in a food safety scandal (it was a milk brand). There seems to be little risk of that in the new blockbsuter.

The new thing is for the studio to work with the Chinese partners to try to give an accurate representation of China, so Chinese consultants have checked that the scenes taking place in China are convincing enough for a Chinese audience. Everything, including the locations, the storyline and the Chinese actors will make everything consistent with contemporary China.

The Chinese locations will be: The Great Wall, Beijing CBD, Tianjin, Wulong in southeast China and Hong Kong. Actually, most of the movie action will be set in Hong Kong. All the shootings in China are now completed since last week. A Chinese star appears in the film: Li Bingbing, and has an important supporting role. Some Chinese people who have won a real TV show will make a short appearance.

There should be only one version of the movie worldwide.


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