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Beijing Riviera is a housing located on Jing Shun Road opposite River Garden Villa in the Shunyi district, outside the city centre of Beijing. It takes around a 30-40 minutes’ drive to Sanlitun, Lufthansa and CBD and only 15 minutes to the International airport.


One of the Villas in Beijing Riviera

Indoor and Outdoor:

Beijing Riviera is composed of 447 luxury villas available in six different layouts ranging from 226sqm to 451sqm. There are 3-level low-rise buildings near a five star clubhouse with several sport and entertainment facilities. Some villas have already modern furniture but others are mostly empty which offers the opportunity to choose furniture and make some changes. Every villa has a private garden and full equipped bathrooms. Parking is also available with junk room and extra space for domestic help.


An example of living room


All villas offer wide outdoor private gardens, an outdoor shared space with a nice lake, parking and a clubhouse. You will find a swimming pool, sauna, fitness centre, massage, a chess room and tennis and squash courts. A restaurant, a bar and a supermarket is also available.


Swimming pool


The Clubhouse


Beijing Riviera offers an expat friendly community with wide outdoor space, private garden and a big villa which is not possible in the city centre. For a family with small children or big dogs who are looking for a calm space with all facilities it is the perfect choice. It is also good to have a clubhouse with sport facilities and parking. Most of the International Schools are in this area.


Beijing Riviera outdoor gardens


Living in the suburbs is not always convenient if you want to enjoy the city or drive downtown every day because it takes you more than 30 minutes. You will need for sure a car because public transport is not available but you still have taxis in Shunyi. Price ranges are higher for villas.


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