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Rent an apartment Beijing: Wangfujing and west of Jianguomen

Rent an apartment in Beijing close to a major touristic landmark

Apartment in Beijing Wangfujing

Wangfujing is among the most famous places in Beijing. This is a central place in the city, just at the east of the Forbidden City and Tiananmen square. Wangfujing is a business hub, a touristic place and, above all, one of the favorite plcaes for Chinese people to do some shopping.

The "Wangfujing" name dates back to the Ming dynasty and is believed to be inspired on a Beijing tale. As Beijing was struck by a very severe drought, most of the city's well went dry. A prince had a well in his mansion and wanted the quality of the its water to be preserved so he prohibed anyone from the city to have access. The well keeper worried about the fate of the local population, decided to let to peoplesecretely come to fetch some water during the night. The day when disovered that he had been disobeyed, he went furious. Instead of trying to minimize his fault, the well keeper stood firm and took the full responsability for his disobedience. The prince was impressed by this honestty and admitted that the open access to the well had saved the local population. He then decided to let people freely come to the well in the mansion, so thta the area took this name " The Prince Mansion " and the population there increased a lot.

Actually, this is a very active commercial area since the Qing dynasty.

Rent an apartment in Wangfujing's major commercial street

This commercial tradition is still alive today, Wangfujing is Beijing's large pedestrian street with its luxury shopping malls all along the way.

Large commercial centeres and mall are all along the street, the most nenowned ones are: The Malls at Oriental Plaza, the Beijing Departement Store and Sun Dong An plaza.

In Wangfujing are located large bookshops: the Wangfujing Book Store 王府井书店 with a few books in English and the Beijing Foreign Language Bookstore with two floors of foreign books.

Rent an apartment close to historical Hutongs

Around Wangfujing, within a walking distance, is a large network of small alleys, the "Hutongs" as they are called in Beijing, which displays a strong Chinese charm. This is a labyrinth of small streets with many traditional Chinese houses and beautiful traditional courtyards hidden behind walls.

In the Wangfujing neighborhood, many of these Hutongs have been renovated and magnificient housing can be found there. If you are interested in renting an accomodation inside one of those Hutongs instead of an apartment, have a look on this section.. The area between Wangfujing and the Forbidden City offers nice opportunities to rent traditional accomodation among the most beautifully renovated courtyard of China's capital city.

Hospitals and clinics close to your apartment in Beijing

Regarding health, the main adress to be noted close to your apartment in Wangfujing is: Peking Union Medical College Hospital. Another adress, the Beijing Maternity Hospital is located at the northwest of Wangfujing neighborhood, closer to Forbidden City.

Rent an apartment east of Wangfujing, close to Jianguomen

Apartment in Wangfujing

Wangfujing is an area with very few apartments to rent, this is an area specialized in serviced apartments. A little bit eastwards, getting closer to Jianguomen, a few residences offer apartments for rent.

We selected the follwing compounds:

  • Royal Palace 贡院八号,
  • Regal Garden 贡院九号,
  • State Apartments 汇豪阁公寓.

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