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Rent an apartment in Sihui, Qingnian and Yaojiayuan

Apartment in Yaojiayuan

Beijing is expanding eastwards. Chaoyang Beijing Central Business district is becoming larger and larger; therefore many companies tend to move their offices in the eastern areas to have more affordable rents with more surface area. Following the same tendency, Chinese middle class people are looking for accommodation outside the Beijing fourth ring road, looking for residential areas with cheaper rent and where it is easier to drive your car while avoiding traffic jams.

East of Chaoyang Park of fourth ring road extends this large area that Chinese people call Chaoqing, with neighborhoods centered on Yaojiayuan, Qingnian and Sihui.

This is another Beijing district under renovation. Following the current trend, these last years, high standards real estate compounds have been built where it is now possible to rent very beautiful apartments in Beijing.

This district is now much more open to the rest of Beijing. Regarding road traffic, there are two major axis: the Jintong expressway which is an expansion of Jianguo road and the Chaoyang Bei Lu. Subway access is now very easy via subway lines 1 and 6.

Rent an apartment in Beijing close to Chaoyang and Honglinjin large parks

These districts are close to two large Beijing parks: the lungs of Beijing, Chaoyang Park and another large park more in the south, Honglinjin Park. With affordable rents, this place can be a great place to move in with kids in a large apartment in Beijing.

International schools close to your apartment in Beijing in Yaojiayuan, Qingnian and Sihui areas

In this district are established large Chinese universities as well as, for expatriate children, some international schools.

The Yew Chung International school of Beijing (YCIS Beijing) with bilingual Chinese/English curriculum, about which we discuss on our blog.

The Yew Wah International Education Foundation for younger children with a Kindergarten.

Your apartment in Beijing in a district with a brand new facilities

Apartment in Yaojiayuan

The district is undergoing big change, as reflected by the opening of a giant shopping mall called "Joy City" 朝阳大悦城, just next to Xinghuolu subway station. This is a brand new trendy destination for young Chinese people willing to go out and have fun. Access via Xinghuolu subway station on line 6.

To buy foreign food, there is a Carrefour shop on Yaojiayuan Lu, a Jenny Lou's on Yaojiayuan Beilu east of Chaoyang Park, an April Gourmet a little bit further west, 6 Gaoyang Gongyuan Nanlu.

Rent an apartment in Qingnian

Apartment in Beijing Qingnian

A district with quick growth that has gotten closer to Beijing center since the opening of subway line 6. The place is ideal to rent a brand new apartment with more surface area and a more attractive rent.

We have selected the following compounds to rent a flat in Beijing:

  • Star River 星河湾, an ideal example of what this district can offer, with new large and sunny apartments surrounded by green areas, the same way than
  • Joy Mansion 大悦公寓 with new apartments in a high rise building with spectacular views.

  • We propose as well apartments in the following compounds:

  • Roman Gardens 珠江罗马嘉园,
  • Garden Side 润枫嘉尚,
  • Riverside 润枫水上,
  • Qing Nian Hui 青年汇,
  • Swan Bay 天鹅湾 and
  • Chaoyang Garden 朝阳园.

Rent an apartment in Yaojiayuan

Apartment in Yaojiayuan

This is a district with a lot of facilities, practical places to find things, there is a Carrefour, a Jenny Lou's and many other shops where you can find anything needed. Above all, it is located right next to "Beijing lungs", Chaoyang Park and you can easily benefit from its green spaces and attractions. To rent your apartment in Beijing, we selected the following compounds:

  • The Greenwich 逸翠园,
  • Go Home 华纺易城.

Rent an apartment in Sihui

Apartment in Beijing Liufang

This is an ideal place if you are working in Beijing CBD and that you are looking for a larger apartment in Beijing. Subway line 1 enables you to quickly reach Beijing center. This is a residential area with a lot of facilities around the apartment you rent in Beijing.

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