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Rent an apartment in Beijing: Shuanjing, Jinsong, Panjiayuan

Rent an apartment in the residential area south of Beijing CBD

Apartment in Beijing Southern Shuangjing Jinsong

South of Beijing, between the second and fourth ring roads lies this vast residential area that includes several neighbourhoods: Shuanjing, Jinsong, Panjiayuan. Through the district passes the third ring road, which facilitates road access despite traffic jams at rush hours. Access to the area is much easier since the opening of Beijing subway lines 10 and 14 with its Shuanjing, Jinsong and Panjiayuan stations.

The people who chose to live in these neighbourhoods do it very often because their workplace is inside the Beijing CBD and they chose to rent larger surfaces for more affordable rents. Many residences and real estate projects are very recent and inside this district there is plenty of brand new residences with very comfortable apartments. For all these reasons, the district is undergoing a very fast growth and attracts many members of the Chinese emerging middle classes as well as expatriates. Together with the general trend of Beijing expanding eastwards, many shops established themselves in this district and the area is more and more attractive.

Places of interest close to you apartment in Shuangjing, Jinsong and Panjiayuan

This is a district close to touristic attractions: Temple of Heaven just at the west of the area, with large green and leisure spaces.

Just at the exit of Shungjing subway station, there is several artistic communities that settled themselves. You have the opportunity to visit the "Today Art Museum" (今日美术馆), a building dedicated to contemporary creation, as well as the "Vitamin Creative Space" (维他命艺术空间) down the street.

In this same Shuangjing neighbourhood, there is many bars and venues, some people even refer to it as the " Little Sanlitun in the South", located around the Landgent Center and Viva Mall (R&F Shopping Center).

If you are looking for antique shops, the most serious antique market in Beijing is located in Panjiayuan.

Shopping around your appartment in the Shuanjing, Jinsong and Panjiayuan neighborhoods

To buy international food, there is a Carrefour shop located 31, Guanqu Lu, east of subway station Shuangjing (there is two other Carrefour very close to this area, one in Guangqu Men Inner Street, west of Guangqumen Bridge, the other one south of Temple of Heaven, Pufang Street, close to the Sport Park FangZhuang).

North, there is a Jenny Lou's located just south of Guomao, Tonghuihe North Road.

International Schools close to your apartment in Shuangjing, Jinsong andd Panjiayuan neighbourhoods

Unlike Shunyi and Beijing Lido, this is not a district with many international schools.

However, in this area is located the Beijing City International School, 77 Baiziwan Nan Er Road (

There is a branch of New Garden International Kindergarten (新园双语幼儿园) , close to Fulicheng compound.

Health institutions (hospitals and clinics) close to your apartment in Suangjing, Jinsong and Panjiayuan

Practically speaking, the closest hospitals are in Beijing CBD (lien). To be noted, down south, the Beijing Aier-Intech Eye Hospital and the Beijing Yuyuantang Clinic.

Rent an apartment in Shuangjing area

Rent an apartment in Jinsong

Apartment in Beijing Qingnian

Following the expansion of the district, new compounds southwards:

  • He Xie Ya Yuan 和谐雅园 ,
  • Hua Teng Yuan 华腾园,
  • Regal Court 珠江帝景,
  • Fu Dun Center 富顿中心,
  • CBD Legend 乐澜宝邸,
  • East Fairy Land 禧福汇.

Rent an apartment in Panjiayuan district

Apartment in Beijing Lido

There is a new subway station that enables the growth of this area close to Temple of Heaven.

  • The Riverside 山水文园 ,
  • Oriental Beauty 美景东方,
  • Jing Song Jia Yuan 劲松家园.

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